Excursions and visits


From the Hotel restaurant La Rupe it is easy to get to the most beautiful places of the National Park of Cilento. Near Laurino you can visit places if immaculate natural beauty as well as the discrete and wise works of man carried our over the centuries and the traditions that are still, kept alive in fragrance of our dishes.

Let us give you some suggestions: take the itinerary of your choice: if you are a tireless trekker, you can brave the mountain treks.

Trekking or mountain bike excursion:
Starting from the village centre (531 metre above sea level), if you cross Gorgonero and go through Saint Helen slopes, you get to the Grava di Vesolo (1100metres above sea level); if you go on you get to the Cave of Saint Helen
Monte Cavallo
Saint Helen's Cave
Grava di Vesalo
Monte Cavallo

If you are reluctant to leave the restaurant and keep its fragrance with you, then choose a tour of the village historical centre: plunge into art and history:

Laurino: the monuments
Ducal Palace and panoramic views
Ducal palace
Palace courtyard
Palace courtyard
Longobard ruins

View of the palace

View of the palace
Convent of Saint Antonio -Other churchs and sorroundings
 View of the village
St Augustine Tower
Annunziata Church
Calore waterfalls
Medieval bridge
It is possible to reach places of historical interest and natural beauty easily - you only need time: :
Excursions by car or by bike
Oasi wwf 6 km, Piaggine           Gole del Sammaro, 12 km, Sacco
Roscigno Vecchia, 18 km          Grotte di Castelcivita, 38 km
Templi di Paestum, 48 km         Vallo della Lucania, 30 k
Oasi WWF
Sammaro Gorges
Roscigno Vecchia

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