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From the Hotel restaurant La Rupe it is easy to get to the most beautiful places of the National Park of Cilento. Near Laurino you can visit places if immaculate natural beauty as well as the discrete and wise works of man carried our over the centuries and the traditions that are still, kept alive in fragrance of our dishes. ...continue

Jazz music in our restaurant

Please let us tell you that we are happy and proud: happy to have had the chance to prepare the best dishes for the best jazz artists you can find and proud for being able to let our special guests appreciate the flavours, tastes, and the Cilento hospitality. Tuck and Patti, Danilo Rea, Roberto Gatto, Gianni Guarracino and Irio De Paula have found here, at Ristorante La Rupe, all that we can offer: good food and friendly hospitality. We wish to thank them for their splendid music, their fond sympathy and the appreciative comments they gave us.

Tuck and Patti
Roberto Gatto
Danilo Rea
Irio De Paula

Benvenuti al Ristorante La Rupe

La Rupe Restaurant is located in the centre of Laurino, the ancient Civitas Laurini and stands on a cliff below the ducal palace, near the ruins of the Longobard castle. From the balconies you can enjoy a fantastic view of the landscape. Thus, after eating their fill and appreciating the excellence of our typical Cilento dishes, our guests can recreate their minds. This is the right place to satisfy the longing everyone has to relax while enjoying the sight of wild natural beauty. This is why the place has been labelled:
          "The window on the National Park of Cilento and Vallo di Diano"

The main hall, that is supervised by our caring Magoscia, offers a complete sight of the land and of its taste in all our dishes. Alfonso Filizzola, the chef, who is both an expert of traditional Cilento dishes and modern cuisine, agrees with what the old philosopher would say: "We are what we eat". In fact, every dish reflects the profile of a personality, a special character. This is the reason why at the Restaurant La Rupe you can enjoy:

Baccalà alla marinara (Dried salted cod cooked the fisherman's way),
Formaggio fritto ( fired cheese)
Trota alla pizzaiola (stewed trout)
Muglitieddi (roulades stuffed either with kids' or lamb's entrails)
Zuppa di fave (french beans soup)
Pane e cicoria
(bread and chicory)

or, alternatively:

Foies gras cannelloni
Lobster ravioli
Veal Carpaccio with celery, cherry tomatoes, and oil with truffle
Rossini fillet Orange duck
Foies gras stuffed pigeon in puff pastry.

The special ingredients, the selection of high quality products, the mountain tops fragrance and the breath of history are the secrets that make the stay at the Hotel Restaurant "La Rupe" a unique experience.

" In the culinary art, the simplest things are often the most difficult: you only need keen interest and fantasy"



Hotel Ristorante La Rupe di Filizzola Alfonso, Piazza A. Magliani 40, 84057 Laurino (SA) ITALY   tel/fax +39 0974.94.10.64  P.I.04259300657